Kevin Delaney (Aka The Favorite Egg) is a licensed Interfaith Minister and an award winning media development and production company. The Favorite Egg’s television programs, commercials, documentaries, promotional and marketing videos websites and short films have been seen by millions of worldwide since 1991.

Kevin Delaney has been an online and interactive media creator/producer since 1997. Previously, he was an award-winning television producer, with big brands like Sony Music, PBS’s In the Mix, Nickelodeon’s Eureeks’s Castle and was part of the launch team helping to create live content for the FX network.

Delaney has worked on a lot of interesting, high-profile projects across multiple media touchpoints; television, (Pee Wee’s Playhouse) web/interactive, (Late Show with David Lettermen), mobile (CBS Local SpotDash, Southpark Funmail), interactive TV (Interactive Emmy nominated Win Ben Stein’s Money), and ecommerce (

He considers himself good at and most interested in developing traditional and non-traditional interactive content and using mobile applications, social media and other platforms to extend brand marketing awareness, increase consumer interaction and connect to audience in new and meaningful ways…