What is your spiritual path and how did you find it? What was your life like before you found it? What is your life like now? What does it mean to find your spiritual path? What does it take to stay on it?

AltdotReligion looks at the many touchstone of spiritual growth and explores those points of departure- when a person wakes up and looks at themselves honesty and decides to ask for help from deep inner place.

Whether (s)he’s called Allah, God, Jesus Christ, Elohim, Mother Earth, The Creator, The Force, A Power Greater Than Myself, Divine Spirit or Universal Life-force, all religions claim to lead their followers to a better life. But all religions are not created equally.   AltdotReligion is focuses attention on first person accounts of declared followers and their personal relationships with spirit, faith, conviction, religion, good, evil, humanity and God.

Conversions, worship, prayer, and life-cycle events are all part of the conversation.

If you have a compelling story if what life was like, what happened and what life’s like now, and would like to be considered for this film  Please contact us.