The Favorite Egg is an artist collective founded by filmmaker, storyteller, visual artist and digital content aficionado, Kevin Delaney.

In his 20+ year career, Delaney has led creative and production teams at Microsoft, CBS Television, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, PBS, Sony Music, VH1, MTV, Newsweek, Microsoft, and the F/X Network.

Recently at CBS Television, Kevin created the award-winning Minimation series, which combined archival audio from the legendary New York radio station, 102.7 WNEW FM with sparse (ie minimal)  animation to create quirky, original and highly memorable animated content for CBS properties. The format has been embraced and expanded both within CBS (Mike-I-Mation) and on other content channels like PBS’s Blank on Blank.

His other media awards include an Cable Ace Award for the short films he wrote and directed for Nickelodeon’s Eureeka’s Castle, and a national and local Emmy award for his work on PBS’s In The Mix .

His early work in interactive TV with Comedy Central’s Win Ben Stein’s Money was also nominated for an Emmy, and he received the Re:Image Mission Excellence Award for his interpretation of Laurie Collin’s ballad to saying yes, Choose Life.

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